Tribal Mini Ballers sessions are currently held at All Saints Church Hall on Saturday mornings between 9am – 11:15am. We have now  added an extra session on Fridays for ages 2-4 at 10:00am. Specific time slots will vary depending on which session your child joins. All Saints Church can be found on Heol Y Felin, Rhiwbina, CF14 6NB. This spacious venue has plenty of parking, spectator seating, toilets and even a little place for those all important complimentary teas and coffees! Below you will find information about our sessions. When you are ready to book, head over to our Bookings page to get involved!

Be prepared to run, jump, shoot and dribble. There will be skills, drills, games and fun; bean bags, balls, buckets and parachutes! Avoid the 'fire pit', find the spots, dodge the cones. Your Mini Ballers will have an absolute blast! We guarantee an engaging, funtastic time for all children and parents.

AGES 2 - 4
FRIDAYS 9:30 - 10:15 
SATURDAYS 9:30 - 10:15

These sessions for our youngest ballers last for 45 minutes and require full parent participation. They're the perfect way to kick-start your weekend by bonding with your child.


Its all about physical literacy in these sessions as we focus on fundamental motion skills and help children to move with confidence and control. Specially designed equipment is used to gently introduce the game of basketball to the smallest members of the Tribal family.


Sessions are fast paced, full of colour and offer guaranteed fun for everyone!

AGES 4 - 6
SATURDAYS 10:15 - 11:00

These sessions last for 45 minutes and do not require full parent participation. Using colourful size 3 basketballs designed for small hands, your child will develop their individual talents while also increasing their social and teamwork skills. 


Learning basketball fundamentals such as passing, dribbling and shooting alongside other sporting attributes such as balance and the ability to find space, your Mini Baller is sure to be bursting to show you new skills each week!


Expect enjoyment at these high-energy, high-fun sessions!

AGES 6 - 9  
SATURDAYS 11:00 - 11:45

These sessions for our more experienced ballers last for 45 minutes and do not require any parental participation. Sit back, relax and watch as your children really begin to develop their skills in preparation for the full game of Basketball.


Expect to see huge progressions in fundamental skills and fitness, along with developing knowledge and understanding of rules, tactics and teamwork. 


These sessions will ensure your children are well equipped to enter the world of Basketball. We will even arrange some competitive games. As with every Mini Ballers session, we offer guaranteed fun for everyone!


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